A Brazilian Champagne Toast

A Brazilian Champagne toast for The Sunday Brazilian Brunch at Connectbrazil.com

A Brazilian Champagne Toast welcomes the New Year for all three hours of The Sunday Brazilian Brunch this weekend.


2019’s first Sunday looks to be warmer than most for this point in the year, and to my way of thinking, this means that our StoryStream is already having the desired effect.

It’s true for Chicago and the rest of the country, too: I keep an eye on the weather maps for ‘sunny and warm’, and those places are definitely not as few and far between as they usually are!

And did you know that Connectbrazil always has the current weather for Rio posted on our in the upper left corner?

The Warmth of Brazil will draw its inspiration from food and drink to ‘bucket-list’ vacation destinations and of course, Brazil’s music.

You’ll find our new StoryStream on the homepage, where we will welcome you with a cup of warmed Brazilian Spiced Cider.

How fun is that?

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There’s always a place at the table for you every Sunday

So what better way to “ring in the new” than with a Brazilian champagne toast and long sets of Brazilian jazz on The Sunday Brazilian Brunch?

Plus I’ll introduce you to few musicians with new songs to keep an eye on in 2019. I’ll also touch on the some of the best stories from the past year, too.

A cool breeze in summer and a warm wind when the weather turns cold. That’s The Sounds of Brazil’s streaming station. Give us a try during the work week, too!


New listeners are tuning in to The Sunday Brazilian Brunch each week, so tell a few friends about the show by using the share buttons at the top of this page as we look forward to another great year of Sunday shows here on our streaming station at Connectbrazil.com.

Happy Listening,
Scott Adams


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Legacy and Alchemy’s Alexandra Jackson at City Winery New York City on January 7, 2019. One Night Only!

Alexandra Jackson is a Celebrity Contributor at Connectbrazil.com 


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Astrud Gilberto has the perfect song for a Brazilian Champagne Toast: