A Great Song Can Make Time Stand Still

True Story

Most of the songs I play on The Sounds of Brazil’s weekly show run around three to five minutes, and I always do our best to squeeze in as much music as possible into each program. That makes it particularity difficult to play longer songs, especially more than one per show. And it takes some pretty careful planning to fit a bunch of them into the confines of our two-hour time frame.

So, the idea for our ‘Long Songs’ shows was inspired by a special memory; one that goes all the way back to the first night of my first trip to Rio de Janeiro in 1987.

The day had been a long one with a stop in Miami before catching the overnight flight to Brazil. A dawn landing in Rio, then customs and baggage; the hour-long bus ride to our Copacabana hotel during the morning rush, check in and then finally(!) to the room itself.

We awoke several hour later with time enough to catch some late-afternoon seaside sun then a leisurely dinner at Mariu’s with the rest of our crew before heading out to Jazzmania, Rio’s legendary jazz club just off the beach in Ipanema.