Alexia Bomtempo’s Birthday on The Sunday Brazilian Brunch

Alexia Bomtempo's birthday on The Sunday Brazilian Brunch at

Winter still hanging around? Let’s ignore the snow by celebrating a birthday for a rising Brazilian American star.

If there was snow on your doorstep this morning, then you know that ‘spring’ is much more than a meteorological event. For those of us here in Chicago and for our listeners coast-to coast, we know the snow is only temporary. Because Alexia Bomtempo’s birthday is sure to change your musical landscape today.

Alexia is a talent to keep an eager ear on. Born in the USA, raised in Brazil and educated in America, Alexia’s introduction to a wider US audience is way overdue.

Two Cultures And A Shared Perspective

Here’s what her website bio has to say:

Since relocating to New York from Rio de Janeiro nearly 4 years ago, Brazilian-American singer Alexia Bomtempo has fully embraced, challenged, and redefined the Northern half of her American artistic roots.

Equally comfortable wandering amidst hazy memory-inducing soundscapes as she is in delivering flowing melodies influenced by her beachside upbringing in Rio de Janeiro, Alexia is an artist of multiple worlds.

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Her sound is individual and confidently feminine, and her songs embrace the raw emotion and sensitivity of great film scores. The lyrics evoke the grit and honesty of American and British rock and blues, along with the exploratory spirit of Tropicalia.

You can learn more about her ambition and personal inspiraton with our exclsuive Connectbrazil profile here.

And what better way to set the table for The Sunday Brazilian Brunch than with a bouquet of fan favorites for this up and coming singer and songwriter?

I’ll feature three hours of her best songs, and with a few noteworthy tunes from The Sounds of Brazil’s new music playlist, too.

So relax and revive with us on Sunday, and drop a quick ‘hello’ in the Chat Box. Youre always welcome!

See you Sunday!
– Scott Adams

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Join us on The Sunday Brazilian Brunch for Alexia Bomtempo’s Birhday. Here’s a preview.