Bebel Gilberto’s ‘Deixa’ Headlines New Album After A Six Year Wait

Bebel Gilberto’s ‘Deixa’ Headlines New Album After A Six Year Wait

Bebel Gilberto’s ‘Deixa’ is the stunning first single from Agora, set for release this summer.

by Scott Adams

We waited nearly three years for Sergio Mendes to deliver his recently-released double CD In the Key Of Joy. Accompanied by a feature-length documentary, the album’s timeline turned into an epic story.

But that’s only half as long as it’s been since Bebel Gilberto released her last studio album, Tudo in 2014.

On Monday March 3rd, she quietly posted the YouTube video of her first single ‘Deixa’, one of 11 new songs from a brand new, upcoming album.

‘Deixa’ means Leaving in Portuguese, and the song builds on Gilberto’s sensual style, wrapped in subtle urgency with background horns, synths, strings and vocal effects. A masterpiece of emotional attachment and release.

Where to hear ‘Deixa’

  • Listen for Bebel Gilberto’s ‘Deixa’ on our New Music: Brazil channel on AccuRadio and The Sounds of Brazil’s streaming station on Live365 and TuneIn.

Agora (‘Now’) will be the eighth album of her career and was set for release on May 1st via her new Belgian label partner, PIAS Recordings.

But as COVID-19 spread first from China tto Europe and on to the Americas, a new date was scheduled for August, 2020.

Watch this page for updates on Bebel Gilberto’s Agora album.

Bebel also has a new producer, longtime friend Thomas Bartlett.

You may know him as Doveman, formerly of The Gloaming. Bartlett has also produced for Norah Jones, Rufus Wainwright Sufjan Stevens, St. Vincent and Olivia Chaney.

Bebel Opens Up

Since her 2000 debut of Tanto Tempo, the American-born singer and songwriter has enjoyed a stellar career, even if her personal orbit has been a bit unusual at times.

But from the song’s very first notes, Bebel Gilberto’s ‘Deixa’ shows a depth of creativity that reflects personal growth from life’s journey: personal tragedies surrounding the passing of her parents, João Gilberto and Miucha, plus the very public infighting between family members.

“I have gone through a lot while we were writing and recording this album,” Bebel said in a statement.

“I lost my best friend, then six months later my mom and then six months after that my dad. It was very hard for me and still is.”

Bebel also gave us insight in the new album.

“I took a different approach with Agora, supported by the love and confidence I received from my long-time friend and producer of the album, Thomas Bartlett. Thomas trusted me — and let me be me. The album, as a result, is a little bit crazier, more mature and extremely sincere.”

Bebel Gilberto’s ‘Deixa’ is available for listening below. Agora will be available in August on digital platforms and on CD format. Vinyl fans will be able to pick up the LP in June.

Song List

Agora by Bebel Gilberto

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1. Tão Bom
2. Agora
3. Cliché
4. Bolero
5. Essence
6. Na Cara
7. Deixa
8. Raio
9. Yet Another Love Song
10. O Que Não Foi Dito
11. Teletransportador