Best Brazilian Collections

Best Brazilian Collections

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The Sounds of Brazil is one of 13 streaming music channels at


The Sounds of Brazil is one of 13 streaming music channels at

April is Brazil’s Discovery Month!

Brazil was discovered on April 22, 1500 by Portuguese explorers, who made landfall just south of Salvador, Bahia.

This week, we’ll navigate the tricky waters of Brazilian song to find the best compilation albums. And follow us on Twitter and Facebook for tips on getting the most out of our website, too. Here are a few to get you started:

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Passover or Easter, this Sunday is the perfect opportunity to reflect, appreciate and enjoy, so let The Sunday Brazilian Brunch provide the perfect soundtrack with songs from pianist Gregg Karukas’s Serenata CD. See what the critics are saying.

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This week’s show:

Best Brazilian Collections

Hour 1:

Set 1: The Sounds of Brazil Opening Theme

Asa<>Lee Ritenour & Djavan/World of Brazil

Rio<>Café Jam/Moio

Scarbourogh Fair<>Sergio Mendes &Brasil 66/Greatest Hits

Welcome to The Lounge             

Adriana<>Rosalia de Souza/Garota Moderna

Special Announcement

Dindi<>Torcuato Mariano/Last Look

Set 2:

Introduce Next Set

Stay With Me<>Dill Costa & Alazae/Sushi Samba 

All My Loving<>Rita Lee/Bossa & Beatles

Introduce Next Song

Easy Ridin’<>Leo Gandelman/Western World

Jazzil<>Corcovado Experience/Bossa Now #6: After Dark        

Acendeu<>Jorge Vercillo/ Como Diria Blavatsky

Set 3Introduce This Week’s Spotlight Song

É Preciso Perdoar<>Emilio Santiago/Nossa Onda É Essa 

Saudade<>Thievery Corporation/Saudade

Mariana<>Torcuato Mariano/Diary



Best Brazilian Collections

Hour 2:

Set 1:

Lembranca<>Yutaka/Another Sun

Faceira<>Gal Costa/Aquarela Do Brasil

Welcome To Our Second Hour

Stay<>Astrud Gilberto/Next Stop Wonderland

Gool! Samba Para Ronaldo<>Bobby Brazil/Amazonica

Tristeza De Nos Dois<>Luiz Eca/Bossa Nova-Sua Historia

Special Announcement

Set 2:

Introduce Brazil Back2Back: Gregg Karukas and Serenata

Clube Da Esqunia 2<>Gregg Karukas/Serenata

Sound of Emotion<>Gregg Karukas/Serenata

Introduce Next Song

La Vem A Baiana<>Jussara Silveira/Samba Bossa Nova


Triste<>Howard Roberts/Guilty  

This Is For Luisa<>Trio Da Paz/Brasilian Romance

Set 3:

Camaleão<>Grover Washington, Jr./A Love Affair         

Like A Lover<>Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66/Best of Sergio Mendes

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Next Week: We’re celebrating with Rosa Passos with two hours of her best songs, just in time for her birthday. It’s a special program. Be sure to send me your requests for a favorite song, style, or musician in the Connect Brazil Listening Lounge!

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Best Brazilian Collections