Brazil’s Best Movie Songs

Shhh.. Trailers!

From The Twilight Saga to Fletch and Fast & Furious, it seems that just about every other movie plot leads to Brazil. That’s understandable: Rio is a great destination no matter the circumstance. Widen that vision to include the rest of the country and it’s easy to see that Brazil’s bigger-than-life reputation can easily accommodate everyone and everything from Demi Moore to James Bond, from high-speed bank vault heists to killer piranhas in the Amazon.

And that makes Brazil perfect for great movie soundtracks.

Bossa Nova’s siren call; the earthy elements of Samba or the contrast of driving percussion against the acoustic echo of a softly strummed guitar are all that are needed to fill this week’s sound stage for ‘Brazil Goes To The Movies’ and it’s been a lot of fun researching the songs for this show.

When Quincy Jones recorded his Big Band Bossa Nova album in 1962, little did he know that a crazy time machine would turn his song ‘Soul Bossa Nova’ into a groovy movie theme for Austin Powers. And I’m sure that a box office hit was the farthest thing from Sarah Vaughan’s mind when she recorded her version of ‘Corcovado’ with Q three years later. We found it on the Heartbreakers soundtrack.