Brazil’s Superstar Moms

Brazil’s superstar moms grace The Sunday Brazilian Brunch playlist this weekend, along with a birthday salute to Bebel Gilberto and her mom, Miucha.

It’s Mother’s Day weekend here and in Brazil so we’ll celebrate with moms everywhere by presenting an unusual musical showcase. It’s a ‘moms and daughters (and sons!)’ connection with ‘Brazil’s Superstar Moms’ on The Sunday Brazilian Brunch.

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Or maybe not so unusual. Many of Brazil’s top pop and jazz stars have children following in their footsteps. And if you’re a regular listener to The Sounds of Brazil, then you’re probably already familiar with many of them.

I won’t give away the playlist this week: it’ll be a surprise appropriate for Mom’s special day. But I think you’ll come away with a new perspective of how great Brazilian music “runs in the family.”

Case in point? Luiza Possi and her mom, Zizi are sharing the stage for the very first time this Mother’s Day in Brazil

Plus a special birthday salute for Bebel Gilberto along with a special tribute to her mom, Miucha, who passed away last December.

I hope you’ll be able to make time to tune into the Sunday ‘stream and relax with us for a while. On the go? No app needed whn you click the PLAY arrow at the bottom of your scree. Try it right now!

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See you Sunday!
– Scott Adams


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Join us on The Sunday Brazilian Brunch for ‘Brazil’s Superstar Moms’. Here’s a preview.