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Daniela Soledade – Best of Brazil 2019

Back when Daniela Soldade was recording this song, no one could have known that it would become a lasting tribute to...
Pedro Bromfman

Pedro Bromfman scores on film

Pedro Bromfman has crafted a career in film scoring that stretches from Rio de Janeiro, to Boston and Los Angeles. Here's...
Marisa Monte returns to record new album for 2020. Connect Brazil

Marisa Monte’s Label Deal Hints At New Album With Sony Music

Marisa Monte's label deal with Sony and a return to the studio scene came as a stunning announcement, bringing more questions...
Roberto Menescal and Ricardo Silveira share birthdays today (Connectbrazil.com)

Roberto Menescal and Ricardo Silveira Share A Birthday Today

Roberto Menescal and Ricardo Silveira share birthdays today, October 25th, so musical best wishes to a pair of cross-generational guitar masters. Bossa Nova legend...
Football Brasileiro

The NFL and Brazil

The NFL and Brazil have been making history: Opening weekend for the 2018 season came off the foot of a Brazilian place kicker, Cairo...

Cecy Santana’s Sem Voce – Best of Brazil 2019

A musical pedigree is always a double-edged sword. On one hand, it can open a lot of doors for you.
1967: The Year That Changed Everything For Brazilian Music

The Year That Changed Everything

1967's Summer of Love turned out to be Brazil’s winter of discontent. For Brazilian music, it was the year that changed...

Ana Bondarenko-Machado’s ‘Copacabana Beach’

When it comes to Brazil as a source of inspiration, you don’t have to look far: it turns out that the artist for this...

Happy Birthday to Milton Nascimento

Clube da Esquina was the inspiration for Bituca as he prepared for his birthday with a stellar concert performance.
new Connectbrazil.com

The NEW Connectbrazil.com: Some Things Never Change

The new Connectbrazil.com made its launch day debut on the first day of summer, 2018. 22 years earlier, Connectbrazil.com began life as a simple six-page...

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