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Ana Santos-Vitelo: Inner Voices And Found Passions

Ana Santos-Vitelo's Brazilian Ameican success story defines, inspires and celebrates the American Dream. By Sean Chaffin

Help Claudio Roditi Win His Fight

Legendary Brazilian Jazz trumpeter Claudio Roditi is in the fight of his life against prostate cancer. Here's how you can help.

Traveling on Brazilian Time

Antonio Carlos Jobim once famously remarked, “Brazil is not for beginners.” Have time for a story? It's about traveling on Brazilian Time. by Scott Adams If...

Minas: A Brazilian Jazz Love Story

by Scott Adams From the very beginning, the Philadelphia-based group Minas has enjoyed a special relationship with the...

Joao Gilberto Dies at 88

Joao Gilberto, the Father of Bossa Nova passed away eariler today, in his beloved home town of Rio de Janeiro.

Happy Birthday Marisa Monte

Happy birthday to Marisa Monte, who turns 52 today. Image: Leo Aversa

Happy Birthday Luiza Possi

June 26: Let’s all light another candle for MPB’s Luiza Possi, who turns 34 today in Rio de Janeiro. The daughter of Zizi...

Happy Birthday Gilberto Gil

June 26: Brazilian music fans worldwide are celebrating Gilberto Gil’s birthday today.  In addition to being a Grammy-winning musician, songwriter and change agent for...

Happy Birthday Dave Grusin

June 26: Keyboardist and pianist Dave Grusin celebrates a birthday today. Let’s join in at Connect Brazil with this song from 2016,...

Elis Regina: Read Her Life Story

Elis Regina. This is the time of year where, as Spring arrives and clocks likewise “spring ahead”, we pay tribute to...