Ana Bondarenko-Machado’s ‘Copacabana Beach’

When it comes to Brazil as a source of inspiration, you don’t have to look far: it turns out that the artist for this...

Ana Santos-Vitelo: Inner Voices And Found Passions

Ana Santos-Vitelo's Brazilian Ameican success story defines, inspires and celebrates the American Dream. By Sean Chaffin

Happy Birthday to Rosalia de Souza

Born on the 4th of July! It's singer Rosalia de Souza's birthday. Here's one of our favotie songs from the Carioca singer:

Carla Hassett – Best of Brazil 2019

Breathing aural excellence into her original music and new life for a rare Brazilian gem. 2019 gave us...
Gloria Estefan Returns To Rio, and has the story .

Gloria Estefan Returns To Rio

Gloria Estefan returns to Rio de Janeiro? She was in Leme during Carnaval's kickoff for a surfside video shoot and here’s...

Alex Atala Loves Brazilian Food

It’s bad enough that so few people outside Brazil know much about the country’s cuisine. But Alex Atala finds it particularly galling that even...
Luciana Lage at Street Smart Brazil

Language of Life

Street Smart Brazil owner Luciana Lage knows that learning a language is not only a gateway to a culture and its...

Happy Birthday Leo Gandelman

Here's the popular sax star with a song from his 'Black Pearls' album.

Antonio Adolfo – Best of Brazil 2019

There’s a reason why Antonio Adolfo is always ranked in the upper echelon when it comes to the Brazilian piano.
The feminine mystique of Brazilian song celebrates International Women's Day at

The Feminine Mystique Of Brazilian Song

The feminine mystique of Brazilian song. Unique? Perhaps. Impactful? Absolutely. The true nature of Brazilian music is decidedly feminine.

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