Happy Birthday Luiza Possi

June 26: Let’s all light another candle for MPB’s Luiza Possi, who turns 36 today in Rio de Janeiro. The daughter of...

Happy Birthday Torcuato Mariano

Samba Saturday: One of our favorite Brazilian guitarists turns 55 today.  Press ‘Play’, and leave a birthday wish for Torcuato Mariano!
The feminine mystique of Brazilian song celebrates International Women's Day at

The Feminine Mystique Of Brazilian Song

The feminine mystique of Brazilian song. Unique? Perhaps. Impactful? Absolutely. The true nature of Brazilian music is decidedly feminine.
Alexia Bomtempo at

Catching Up With Alexia Bomtempo

by Sean Chaffin Listeners of Alexia Bomtempo’s 2017 album Chasing Storms and Stars will notice something a bit different. It’s a bit of Bossa Nova...
Italy’s Godfather of Bossa Nova, Ennio Morricone

Italy’s Godfather of Bossa Nova, Ennio Morricone

Italy’s Godfather of Bossa Nova? That would be soundtrack composer Ennio Morricone, whose life in music ignited a Bossa Nova revolution.

Happy Birthday Leo Gandelman

Here's the popular sax star with a song from his 'Black Pearls' album.
Elis Regina - her life story at

Elis Regina: Read Her Life Story

Elis Regina. This is the time of year where, as Spring arrives and clocks likewise “spring ahead”, we pay tribute to...

Roy Stephansen – Best of Brazil 2019

Summer's best music has moved to the southren hemisphere, right? Not nearly. When you’re on this side of...

Happy Birthday Marisa Monte

Happy birthday to Marisa Monte, who turns 53 today. Image: Leo Aversa

Roberto Menescal’s Salad Dressing

Rio's Bossa Nova legend was in front of the cameras over the weekend, at Village Porto de Galinhas just south of far northeastermn city...

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