September Birthdays at Connect Brazil

September birthdays at Connect Brazil include an impressive list of fan favorites from Brazil and here in America, too.  

Ricardo Bacelar’s Live In Rio

Ricardo Bacelar’s Live In Rio (Ao Vivo No Rio) didn’t start with the beach districts of Copacabana or Ipanema. The story...

10 Questions with Ricardo Silveira

10 questions with Ricardo Silveira reveals a portrait of international musicianship. For the better part of three decades this Brazilian guitarist...

Marisa Monte’s Label Deal Hints At New Album With Sony Music

Marisa Monte's label deal with Sony and a return to the studio scene came as a stunning announcement, bringing more questions...

Italy’s Godfather of Bossa Nova, Ennio Morricone

Italy’s Godfather of Bossa Nova? That would be soundtrack composer Ennio Morricone, whose life in music ignited a Bossa Nova revolution.

Happy Birthday Marisa Monte

Happy birthday to Marisa Monte, who turns 53 today. The big news...

10 Questions with Marcos Ariel

10 Questions with Marcos Ariel (plus one more - ed.) reveals more about the popular keyboards from Rio. Much more. And...

Ana Santos-Vitelo: Inner Voices And Found Passions

Ana Santos-Vitelo's Brazilian Ameican success story defines, inspires and celebrates the American Dream. By Sean Chaffin

Roberto Menescal’s Salad Dressing

Rio's Bossa Nova legend was in front of the cameras over the weekend.

Elis Regina: Read Her Life Story

Elis Regina. This is the time of year where, as Spring arrives and clocks likewise “spring ahead”, we pay tribute to...