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A Brazilian Bouquet for Springs first weekend on The Sunday Brazilian Brunch. Listen Live here.

A Brazilian Bouquet

A Brazilian Bouquet? I cant think of a better way to celebrate Spring's first weekend than with a dozen season-changing favorites.
Bebel Gilberto’s ‘Deixa’ Headlines New Album After A Six Year Wait

Bebel Gilberto’s ‘Deixa’ Headlines New Album After A Six Year Wait

Bebel Gilberto’s ‘Deixa’ is the stunning first single from Agora, set for release on May 1st.

Happy Birthday Rio de Janeiro

Happy Birthday, Rio de Janeiro! The city ranks high up on my short list of favorite birthdays and March 1st marks...

In The Key Of Joy By Sergio Mendes Is A Springtime Hit

In The Key Of Joy celebrates six decades of unforgettable music from Brazil’s GOAT Musical Ambassador, Sergio Mendes.
Pedro Bromfman

Pedro Bromfman scores on film

Pedro Bromfman has crafted a career in film scoring that stretches from Rio de Janeiro, to Boston and Los Angeles. Here's...
Djavan’s 2020 US Tour:

Djavan’s 2020 US Tour

Djavan’s 2020 US Tour: It’s been more than a decade since Djavan stepped on to a US concert stage. But that...

Daniela Soledade – Best of Brazil 2019

Back when Daniela Soldade was recording this song, no one could have known that it would become a lasting tribute to...

S-Tone – Best of Brazil 2019

S-Tone? That’s Milan’s Stefano Tirone, the multi-instrumental jazz musician and producer who is no stranger to Connect Brazil's faithful fans

Tiago Iorc – Best of Brazil 2019

Two years ago, Brasilia-born Tiago Iorc was at the top of his game, as one of his country’s most popular singer/songwriters....

Marcos Valle – Best of Brazil 2019

Mick Jagger, Carole King and Brazil’s Marcos Valle. What do they all have in common? They are all in their 70’s...

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