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One-Track Mind: ‘The Crossing’ by Deodato

Where does one start with Deodato? That’s a difficult question, considering that the talented Brazilian is now well into his fifth decade as a...
Jorge Ben wrote Mas Que Nada

The Story Behind ‘Mas Que Nada’

The story behind 'Mas Que Nada' began as a samba in Rio and not a bossa nova in Los Angeles. Funny thing: Sambistas didn't...
Young Lions of Brazilian Jazz

Young Lions of Brazilian Jazz

Meet these young lions of Brazilian Jazz. There’s no one better to introduce you to Brasilidade Geral than Ivan Lins.

Lee Ritenour’s World of Brazil

Lee Ritenour's World of Brazil is a best of collection that makes it pretty easy to make the case for the...
Love Affair The Music of Ivan Lins at Connectbrazil.com

One Track Mind: Love Affair The Music of Ivan Lins by Jason Miles

A Love Affair: The Music of Ivan Lins needs some musicial context before we begin. Beacuse there always seems to be a stack of...
Amoroso by Joao Gilberto: The One Track Mind review at Connectbrazil.com

One Track Mind: Amoroso by Joao Gilberto

Amoroso by Joao Gilberto. On Wednesday December 26th, the much-anticipated Brazilian reissue of Joao Gilberto’s classic 1977 album was launched in its original vinyl format. by...
The Three Americas by Eliane Elias - a One-Track Mind review at Connectbrazil.com

The Three Americas: Eliane Elias

The Three Americas? Only a pianist with the credentials of Eliane Elias could take on a project that combines the musical spirit of three distinctly...
Brazilian Chill Sessions

One Track MInd: Brazilian Chill Sessions

Leave it to a small Indie label in Argentina to pull together a dozen of the best New Bossa songs – each featuring a...
One Track Mind: The Return Of Tribalistas

One Track Mind: The Return Of Tribalistas

"It's not a Tribalistas return, because Tribalistas never left. We were always there." So began the latest chapter for Brazil’s greatest pop musical alliance featuring Arnaldo...
One Track Mind: Tribalistas (2002)

One Track Mind: Tribalistas (2002)

This One Track Mind: Tribalistas (2002) was first published at Connectbrazil.com on March 29th, 2003 to coincide with its U.S. release on EMI Music....

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