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StoryStream: Songs In the Feminine Key

Debora Watts: Artistic Alchemy

by Sean Chaffin It’s hard not to hit 'play' on a Debora...

Ana Santos-Vitelo: Inner Voices And Found Passions

Ana Santos-Vitelo's Brazilian Ameican success story defines, inspires and celebrates the American Dream. By Sean Chaffin

Minas: A Brazilian Jazz Love Story

by Scott Adams From the very beginning, the Philadelphia-based group Minas has enjoyed a special relationship with the...

From Italy To Bossa With Love

Bossa Nova means Brazil. But today's best bossas aren't coming only from Ipanema. They're also coming to us wrapped in a fancy ribbon with...

Fresh Brazilian Sounds: 5+5 For Summer

Nothing says summer like fresh Brazilian sounds and new offerings from longtime favorites will find their way onto our streaming playlists...

Alexia Bomtempo’s Birthday on The Sunday Brazilian Brunch

Winter still hanging around? Let's ignore the snow by celebrating a birthday for a rising Brazilian American star.

Zizi and Luiza Possi: Mother & Child Reunion

Zizi & Luiza Possi: Turns out that Paul Simon was right. A Mother & Child Reunion is only a motion away.

Elis Regina: Read Her Life Story

Elis Regina. This is the time of year where, as Spring arrives and clocks likewise “spring ahead”, we pay tribute to...

The Feminine Mystique Of Brazilian Song

The feminine mystique of Brazilian song. Unique? Perhaps. Impactful? Absolutely. The true nature of Brazilian music is decidedly feminine.

Gloria Estefan Returns To Rio

Gloria Estefan returns to Rio de Janeiro? She was in Leme during Carnaval's kickoff for a surfside video shoot and here’s...