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StoryStream: Our Favorite Things


Thanksgiving Day marks the beginning of our seventh year for The Sounds of Brazil’s ‘live’ streaming station.

In Natura

Windham Hill memories from the northeast of Brazil: The holiday season welcomes In Natura, from pianist Ricardo Bacelar.

Chicago’s Greatest Brazilian Jazz Concert

For those of us who were there, it’s hard to believe that Chicago’s greatest Brazilian Jazz concert of all time occurred...

Rio’s Christmas Tree Lighting 2020

Facing 2020’s COVOD-19 concerns, the city’s Árvore de Natal has appealed to a higher power. Rio’s Christmas...

Ana Santos-Vitelo: Inner Voices And Found Passions

Ana Santos-Vitelo's Brazilian Ameican success story defines, inspires and celebrates the American Dream. By Sean Chaffin

Easy Açaí Recipes From Alexandra Jackson’s Kitchen

After reading Alexandra Jackson’s stories on why Açaí Is Brazil’s Superfruit, its only natural that you’d want to try it for yourself.  So our...

The Best of Brazilian Music Showcase for 2019

The Best of Brazilian Music Showcase for 2019 - And The Stories Behind Each One

Unwrap A Brazilian Christmas

Feliz Natal! Our holiday special sets a festive pace: it's a radio tradition for Brazilian music fans worldwide,...

The Legacy and Alchemy of Brazilian Jazz

Welcome to this week's program! Let's kick off December's 'Our Favorite Things' theme with a unique...

Brazilian Voices: Harmony of Spirit

Brazilian Voices? South Florida has incubated more than its share of outstanding performers for our creative community, but none more so than this...