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Brazilian Comfort Food

Browse Brazilian eateries, cafes and markets near you, coast-to-coast. Brazilian comfort food invites...

5 Can’t Miss Ways To Celebrate National Cachaça Day

5 Can't Miss Ways To Celebrate National Cachaça Day? Well, of course, because today is the day.

Brazilian Burgers: The Connect Brazil Guide

Brazilian burgers for everyone! Get connected with the best Brazilian burgers coast-to-coast as our nation reopens.

7 Essential Truths For Brazil On The Grill

These 7 Essential Truths For Brazil On The Grill are what separates our backyard grilling from the Land of Samba and Sun....

You Can Do This: The Perfect Caipirinha

Most countries have one or two signature beverages that are world famous: Irish whiskey, German beer, Italian reds.  Brazil has its own entry in...

Easy Açaí Recipes From Alexandra Jackson’s Kitchen

After reading Alexandra Jackson’s stories on why Açaí Is Brazil’s Superfruit, its only natural that you’d want to try it for yourself.  So our...

Frango Pinga (Cachaca Chicken)

Frango Pinga. Two Portuguese words that will bring big flavor to your grill with this simple - and surprising – recipe from...

Warmed Brazilian Spiced Cider

This comforting cider sipper is perfect for entertaining during Autumn and Winter or as an outdoor take-along.

Video: Guga’s Tasty Turn On A Brazilian Classic

Another video: Guga's tasty turn on stufffed picanha takes us closer to the hot-coal magic of Brazil On The Grill! Enjoy!

Video: How To Grill Picanha

Need a video on how to grill the perfect Picanha this weekend? Well, look what we found. A Brazil On The Grill...