Celebrating Elis Regina


| Air Date: 03-04-20 through 03-10-20

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The Sounds of Brazil is one of 13 streaming music channels at Connectbrazil.com
The Sounds of Brazil is one of 13 streaming music channels at Connectbrazil.com

Just a few days to go… 

Finally! We’re getting read to do the ‘Spring Ahead’ thing with our clocks this weekend, then it’s on to counting down the final few days before the official arrival of Spring.

Mother Nature’s late winter warmth can be fickle (right?) so while she takes her time to figure it all out, let’s enjoy two hours with a legendary Brazilain voice as we take yet another step closer to the sunshine season. 

March 17th marks another birthday for Elis Regina, but even those who only casually observed this singer’s meteoric career knew that fate would hold to a much shorter calendar.

Elis Regina died at age 36 of a drug overdose on January 19th, 1982. It put a coda on a life that was filled with riotous emotion and more than enough music to sustain us after she had gone.

Musically, singer Elis Regina carried her talent like an open book: propelling great emotion into her music, almost as if every song was part of her own life story. You can learn more about Elis Regina here.

Today, Elis is still revered as Brazil’s greatest performer. I hope you’ll enjoy this show!

Happy Listening,
Scott Adams

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Hour 1:

Set 1: The Sounds of Brazil Opening Theme

Triste<>ElisRegina/Next Stop Wonderland

One Note Samba<>Stan Getz & Charlie Byrd/Jazz Samba

Scarbourogh Fair<>Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66/Greatest Hits

Welcome to The Brazilian Club Lounge

Incendiando<>Eliane Elias/Made In Brazil

Special Announcement

Chovendo Na Roseira<> Elis Regina/Elis & Tom

Set 2:

Introduce Next Set

Madalena<>Mark Murphy/Nightmood

Tristeza De Nos Dois<>Manfredo Fest/Amazonas

Introduce Next Set

Coisa Mais Linda<>Carlos Lyra/Bossa Nova Sua Gente

Espada  de Prata<>Celia Vaz/Ebb & Flow

Summertime<>Deodato /The Crossing

Set 3: Introduce This Week’s Spotlight Song

Aguas De Marco<>Elis Regina & Jobim/Elis & Tom

Northern Lights<> Roy Stephansen/single

Lonely<>Bebel Gilberto/Tanto Tempo

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Hour 2:

Set 1:

Elis<>Peter White/A Love Affair: The Music of Ivan Lins

Welcome To Our Second Hour

Beach In My Mind<>Superpulse/Brasil 5000

Stand Up Paddle Girl<>Gabriel Martins/Mergulho

Dois Pra La, Dois Pra Ca<>Elis Regina/ Personalidade

Special Announcement

Down South<>Sergio Pereira/Nu Brasil

Set 2:

Introduce Brazil Back2Back: Ricardo Silveira

Não Me Balança Mais<>Emilio Santiago/De Um Jeito Diferente

Sessao da Onze<>Ricardo Silveira/RSVC 

Introduce Next Set                                                                        

Juliana<>Antonio Adolfo/Adolfo

Antigua<>Leo Gandelman/Brazilian Soul

Atras da Porta<>Elis Regina/Personalidade

Set 3:

Waters of March<>Halie Loren/After Dark

Mariana<>Torcuato Mariano/Diary

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