Fall’s Top Brazilian Tunes For 2015

Let's revisit Brazil's best songs from the Fall of 2015. Your ears will fall in love with #6!

Brazilian pianist Eliane Elias

From Rio to New York and beyond, Fall’s top Brazilian tunes for 2015 helped us through the world’s hottest summer ever.

‘Nao e Um Bolero’  (It’s Not A Bolero) by Djavan

Fall’s top Brazilian tunes for 2015 leads off with Djavan. Call it a ‘second wind’ or perhaps a creative revival, but there’s no doubt that Djavan was at the top of his game with this new single; the first of several which carried his songcraft well into the following year. No small wonder that Djavan was given the 2015 Latin Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in Las Vegas.

‘Azul Da Cor Do Mar’ (Blue Is The Color Of The Sea) by Ivete Sangalo

This re-make of Tim Maia’s soulful 70’s hit is a perfect balance of passion and respect for the original, and updated with a style that will make you want to hear it again. Right now, if you have a couple of minutes. Kudos, Ivete!

‘Rainha’ (Queen) by Toco, featuring Nina Miranda

It had been a long while since Toco had given us something new to enjoy, but this song proved that it was worth the wait, and an easy addition to Fall’s top Brazilian tunes for 2015.  His signature style delivered a breezy bossa that fits perfectly with your busy day. Sharp-eared fans were happy to hear what London’s Nina Miranda did with the mix. Sweet.

‘A Noite’ (The Night) by Tiê

Several new names graced this top ten list and once you hear her sing, you’ll probably agree that Tiê has bright future. This song is from the Sao Paulo singer’s third album ‘Esmeraldas’ and was nominated for 2015’s Song of the Year in Brazil.

‘Driving Ambition’ by Eliane Elias

The Fall of 2015 brought us the latest single from what went on to become one of Eliane Elias’s all-time best albums (Made In Brazil ended up winning a Grammy Award for Best Latin Jazz Album). This top ten tune features an urban bossa groove and layered vocals from Mark Kibble of Take 6.

‘Eu Tô Com Você’ (I’m With You) by Tamy

Delicate. That’s the word to describe this drift-away song from Tamy which comes from the ‘love and surf’ teen movie, A Onda da Vida. Brazil saw its release in 2012 but we had to wait three years for the album to be released here, and to be included in this list of Fall’s top Brazilian tunes for 2015.

‘Sunshine On My Shoulders’ by Vanessa da Mata

Listeners who recall 2007’s ‘Boa Sorte/Luck’ with Ben Harper know that da Mata is hugely talented, and for the rest, this song erased any lingering doubts. In short, da Mata completely reinvents this John Denver hit with a version that’s sparkling-samba fresh.

‘Esquecimento’ (Forgetfulness) by Skank

Where have these guys been for the last decade? Mired in Brazilian Rock and at the top of a short list of the country’s all-time most popular bands, that’s where. But this is a different side of Skank: a more acoustic, ‘unplugged’ sound that takes them (and us) to a pretty special place.

‘Quando Voce Olha Pra Ela’ (When You Look At Her) by Gal Costa

Ahhh, 2015.. Ivan Lins on the rise? Check. Ditto for Djavan? Check. Not so much for Caetano Veloso back then but there was a surprise song from Gal Costa, whose voice caresses and soars over the tunes’ electronic underpinnings like an ocean breeze over a Copacabana high rise.

‘Vivo Sonhando’ (I Live Dreaming) by Bebel Gilberto

It had been a year since the release of Bebel’s outstanding Tudo album, and we were still finding great songs to play, including this Jobim ‘Love-Bossa’ (aren’t they all?). Tudo reunited Bebel with Tanto Tempo producer Mario Caldatto to give us one of Fall’s top Brazilian tunes for 2015.

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