Fresh Brazilian Sounds: 5+5 For Summer

Fresh Brazilian Sounds: 5+5 For Summer

Nothing says summer like fresh Brazilian sounds and new offerings from longtime favorites will find their way onto our streaming playlists in the coming weeks, and maybe your music collection, too! Here’s our forecast:

Sergio Mendes

Now that his long-rumored musical documentary, Sergio Mendes in the Key of Joy has been teased at Cannes this week, we can be sure that a new album (of the same name?) will be released soon. Kept under wraps for more than two years, the film project was directed by John Scheinfeld and features John Legend, Harrison Ford, legendary Brazilian soccer star Pelé, Quincy Jones, Common and

Marcos Valle

Less confusing but equally exciting is word of a new album from keyboardist/vocalist Marcos Valle. Sempre is set for a late-June release on London’s Far Out Records, which calls this mix “disco, cosmic samba and late-night jazz-funk.” Sempre is Valle’s first studio album in nine years and its style draws from the musician’s work in the 70s and 80s to give us fresh Brazilian sounds for summer.

Torcuato Mariano

Taking a break from his responsibilities as Music Director for TV Globo, the Rio-based guitarist has launched his first solo album in ten years. Released last month in Brazil, Escola Brasileira is a jazzy masterpiece in two parts. The first half of the album swings with a full-bodied richness, featuring a very impressive horn-section coupled to Mariano’s smart arrangements.  The second half of Escola Brasileira places Torcuato Mariano’s guitar in that smooth Brazilian jazz groove that long-time fans will surely enjoy.

Marcos Ariel

March 1st saw the release of Soul Carioca, a six-song digital EP from the popular Carioca keyboardist and it breaks new ground for Marcos Ariel with his debut as a vocalist. Fresh Brazilian sounds? As the title suggests, Ariel’s silky Bossa Jazz style carries a bit more energy here and his vocal chops – plus his knack for a great melody – shows a different side to his talent, one we hope to hear more of going forward.

Gloria Estefan

When Connectbrazil broke the news of Estefan’s Copacabana beach shoot in the week leading up to Carnaval, I honestly wondered what to make of it. After all, her hits are timeless classics, and the idea of remaking many of these in Brazilian styles was an exciting – and challenging – idea. But when she broke out a Samba version of ‘Conga’ on a PBS special earlier this month, it was clear she’s onto something special. The title and release date are still pending, but Gloria says: “I think it’s more of a summer record, so I imagine we’ll probably release it early.”

Trending New Names

And here are some new names and rising stars ready with more fresh Brazilian sounds for summer that we’re keeping an eye on at

Mariana Nolasco

Angelica Duarte



Cecy Santana