Gal Costa Launches New Single, ‘Palavras No Corpo’

Gal Costa is back with a new single, letting summer heat things up before her album release this August. It’s her first since 2015.

Gal Costa's new single is 'Palavras No Corpo'
Gal Costa's new single is 'Palavras No Corpo'

Reinvention has always been the calling card for Gal Costa. From cutting her teeth on Tropicália, through her Rock Goddess 70’s and on to MPB, where she settled in to become one of Brazil’s greatest pop voices.

But times change and so does the music, and so the question begs: What happens next?

Well, fits and starts, actually. 2015’s Estratosférica (Stratospheric) recruited young Brazilian musicians and composers, a “back to center” move because 2011’s edgy and electric Recanto fell flat with fans on both sides of the equator.

Die-hard fans weren’t worried though, and their patience has been rewarded with news of a new album slated for early August.

The first single has already found a home on our ‘New Music: Brazil!’ streaming channel and The Sounds of Brazil’s daily playlists.

We may not know the album’s title, but the single has a name. Palavras No Corpo (Words in the Body), and it draws its lyrics from the spirit of Costa’s 1970 tune, ‘Sua Estupidez’.

“No one says I love you. No one says I love you like I do …” she coos in the chorus.

Silva was called for the arrangement and he delivered a ‘jukebox rock’ vibe that he says was inspired by the late Amy Winehouse, who was no stranger to a compelling love song.

Turns out Gal Costa is a fan.

The result adds new freshness to both Gal Costa’s sound and style, bringing her voice to the foreground of the mix.

So it turns out, that for Gal Costa, today’s reinvention is in the body of words.