Listen To The Sunday Brazilian Brunch

Guitars and Saxes bring us the yin and yang of Brazilian music for all three hours of The Sunday Brazilian Brunch this weekend.

Listen to The Sunday Brazilian Brunch This Weekend

One of life’s greatest pleasures is waking to the warmth of a Copacabana morning to enjoy a relaxing brunch at your hotel’s balcony table and then moving poolside for some quality time with the Brazilian sun… 

That’s the spirit of The Sunday Brazilian Brunch!

The Sounds of Brazil is one of 13 streaming music channels at
The Sounds of Brazil is one of 13 streaming music channels at

Sundays are special; especially this one. Time to set the rest of your busy week aside and relax with us for a while. Listen to The Sunday Brazilian Brunch! On the go? Take us along with our apps for Android and Apple, too.

This Week on The Sunday Brazilian Brunch:

Brazilian Guitars & Saxes

Six string or seven string, the guitar personifies the warmth of Brazilian music. And when you add in the soulful sound of a top horn player or two, we get a celebration of Guitars and Saxes for the Sunday Brazilian Brunch.

I’m Scott Adams with generous servings from each of our featured instruments on in the show today.

I’ll tell you what’s coming up next week at Connect Brazil, too.

Happy Listening,

Scott Adams