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What’s Happening at February 14-20, 2021

Love Bossas are this week’s casual theme: We’ll guide you to Rio’s best one-of-a-kind eateries, then do the same for dine-in craves ‘near you’. There’s a brace of new tunes just added to our streaming playlists, too. All waiting for you to click or tap into on Connect Brazil’s homepage.


  • Feature: Why do Brazilians speak Portuguese and not Spanish? The reason involves a Pope and some really bad maps.
  • Music: One Track Mind: We hit ‘replay’ on one of the all-time great New Bossa albums, Brazilian Chill Sessions.
  • Food & Drink: Damn, it’s cold! Warm up with our Chachaca Chicken recipe with cilantro rice. We’ll stop by for leftovers.
  • People: Ella Borges is celebrating a birthday this week. Get to know this Millennial Music Maker.
  • Picture of the Day: A handpicked photo every day whenever you visit our homepage.
What inspires us every day? Doing what we love! But what inspires us every morning is coffee, and our office always has a colorful quartet of these uplifting mugs from Romero Britto standing by. Great for hot chocolate or Brazilian spiced cider, too.

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Listen to this Love Bossa fav on our streaming channels, including Bossa Nova Love Affiar, Cafe Copacabana and The Sunday Brazilian Brunch.


This week, The Sounds of Brazil features Rhythm & Romance 4 X daily and on demand through February 21st. The playlist and Producer’s Notes are here.


Let The Music Take You There: Away from this week’s cold and snow to a jazzy blend of breezy bossas and crossover hits from both sides of the equator. America’s only ‘Always Live’ streaming station for Brazilian music.

Love Bossas? That’s what Brazil does best. We’ve added several of them to our streaming station’s playlist, including:

  • ‘Language & Love’ – Kerry Linder
  • ‘Bossa Love’ – Marcos Ariel
  • ‘Voce’ – Emilio Santiago

Listen for these songs on our always-live streaming station, and click here for all 10 of our streaming music channels.

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Brazil Back2Back

Always two-of-a-kind and always two in a row when you listen at the top of the hour, at 11 am, 2 pm and 5 pm (US Central) Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

Here’s this week’s lineup:

  • Monday, February 15 – Tiago Iorc & Roberta Sa
  • Wednesday, February 17 – New Music Wednesday: Richard Sorce & Robero Vally featuring Daniela Soledade.
  • Friday, February 19 – Luiza Possi & Silva

Next week on Brazil Back2Back:

  • Monday, February 22 – Throwback Monday with Ivan Lins
  • Wednesday, February 24 – New Music Wednesday: Sergio Mendes & Lee Hutchinson.
  • Friday, February 26 – Torcuato Mariano & Victor Biglione

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New Music Spotlight: Luciana Araujo – ‘Diga’

We’ve introduced Luciana Araujo’s ‘Diga’ to our playlists. Now, its your turn.

Listen to this song on Connect Brazil’s always-live streaming station, and on our New Music: Brazil streaming channel.


Newly added to Connect Brazil’s Events section are livestreams from Nate Najar and Daniela Soledade, who also have in-club sets fro St Pete.

There’s a Carnaval livestream jazz concert from Mark Mor­ganelli & The Jazz Fo­rum All-Stars, virtual Brazilian cooking and Zumba classes and Brazilian Jazz on San Antonio’s Riverwalk.

Chicago’s Luciano Antonio has a sereis of live and virtual shows, too. Plus your pick of full length, on-demand virtual Brazilian jazz concerts, too.

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Heartwarming! Support small Brazilian American coffee shops and cafes this week. Find them near you here.

Browse Brazilian eateries, cafes and markets near you, coast to coast

It’s true. Hundreds of family-owned Brazilian restaurants, coffee houses and cafes, bakeries, and grocery markets coast-to-coast need your active support during these challenging times. Many dozens have already closed.

Connect Brazil is donating its services to spread the word about the tasty rewards of your patronage.

We hope that you will do the same by placing an order soon with an eatry near you. Your support makes everything taste better.


Love Bossas

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