Meet Chicago’s Cecy Santana: Connect Brazil This Week

The Sao Paulo-born singer talks about her new single, personal positivity, and the importance of taking risks.

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Midway between Laguna Beach to the west and Miami Beach to the east is Chicago’s Oak Street Beach. This summery third-coast strip of sun, surf, and sand is where you’ll most likely find Cecy Santana on any given day.

Or not. Because Cecy Santana stays busy.

Somehow, this ‘on the rise’ singer from São Paulo who’s made the Windy City her home manages to squeeze more life into every day than most Chicagoans. And that’s saying a lot for the city that never sleeps.

We caught up with Cecy Santana to talk about her new single (video below), how her personal positivity shapes her creativity, and what it was like to sing in a Karaoke Bar with Tantric’s Hugo Ferriera. Our conversation was edited for content and clarity.

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New Music: Cecy Santana with Hugo Ferreira. ‘Um Amor Assim’

East to west, north to south, it’s hot. August Day Song hot. Marina Lima has lost none of her dreamy chill style with her brand new single, ‘Motim’. Listen on XODO!, New Music: Brazil, and our steaming station!


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Meet Chicago’s Cecy Santana: Connect Brazil This Week

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