New Ink Brings A Fan Story For Ivan Lins

New Ink Brings A Fan Story For Ivan Lins

Ivan Lins has seen it all as a Brazilian musical icon: the dawn of a new democracy, the vanguard of MPB’s best years plus a multitude of generation talent. But he was impressed beyond words with a tattoo done by a millennial fan from Sao Paulo, who chose the lyrics from one his most famous song to adorn her arm. And so, new ink brings a fan story to Ivan Lins, and it’s one that you’re sure to be touched by.

Bruna Jardim showed off her new ink on Instagram last week, and Ivan shared it with this message: “People, look how cool this tattoo with a verse of ‘Vieste’ made by Bruna Jardim.” That makes me happy, the meaning of the songs embracing people’s lives… it’s the first time I’ve seen a tattoo of my music. Very intense!”

Bruna’s arm includes this verse: “You came with closed eyes, on a day marked sacred to me”. In conversation with Brazil’s QUEM News, she said the tattoo was made in February this year. “I chose to pay homage to my parents. This song is what they represent for me.

“They chose me – I am an adopted daughter – among so many children … I was premature, I needed care and they were not afraid. My mother passed away when I was a teen and my father was not afraid,” she recalled, remembering yet another passage of the song: “And he came, of me!”

Bruna says that the habit of listening to the music of Ivan Lins comes from her childhood. “My father plays the guitar, my family loves art!  I’ve listened to Ivan’s songs since childhood and every person I love has a song. Ivan is a genius, he has only beautiful songs! “So this is a gift to my father and me,” she said.