Rhythm and Romance: A Brazilian Valentine

Rhythm and Romance: A Brazilian Valentine

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On Demand: 02-14-21 through 02-28-21

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The Sounds of Brazil is one of 13 streaming music channels at Connectbrazil.com


The Sounds of Brazil is one of 13 streaming music channels at Connectbrazil.com

Welcome to The Sounds of Brazil!

In Brazil, you can fall in love, and then fall right back out.

Not long ago,  I had the pleasure of having L..A.’s Paulinho Garcia perform ‘live’ in our broadcast studio for my weekly Sunday afternoon show on 90.9 FM WDCB (2 pm – 4 pm every Sunday in Chicago) and during his banter between songs, he joked “There are only really two love songs in Brazil… the rest is just complaining!”

The reason Paulinho’s one-liner is funny is because, of course, the truth is exactly the opposite – you’d be hard-pressed to find a country where more music is dedicated to the subject of love than Brazil.

From the earthy and frenetic Samba, to the eternally gentle sway of Bossa Nova (said to mimic the movement of a woman’s hips when walking along the beach), Brazil’s unofficial language is the language of… love.

So, this week on The Sounds of Brazil we’ll celebrate the most romantic day of the year with ‘A Brazilian Valentine.’ Two hours of colorful cards, candy hearts and ‘Be Mine’ bouquets all set to the rhythm and romance of our favorite musical nation.

Happy Listening,
Scott Adams

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This Sunday, we’ll celebrate with the best songs from our Rhythm & Romance collection. Amor!

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Rhythm and Romance: A Brazilian Valentine

Hour 1:
Set 1: The Sounds of Brazil Opening Theme
Sensual Bossa<>Caibedo Island/Caibedo Tale
The Island<>Roseanna Vitro/Reaching For The Stars
San Juan Sunset<>Deodato/Love Island
Welcome to The Listening Lounge
Photograph<>Antonio Carlos Jobim/The Composer
Special Announcement

Set 2:
Lemon L<>Phonorama/Cafe Roma 2
Introduce Next Set
So Many Stars<>Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66/Greatest Hits
Brazilian Sunrise<>Stefan Dickerson/Romanza
Rio De Janeiro Blue<>Randy Crawford/Secret

Set 3: This Week’s Spotlight Song
Estate<>Joao Gilberto/Amoroso
Copa do Amor<>Kenny G/Rhythm & Romance

Rhythm and Romance: A Brazilian Valentine

Hour 2:
Set 1:
Winelight<>Trio da Paz/Somewhere
Welcome To Our Second Hour
Labirintos<>Alexandra Jackson/Legacy And Alchemy
Bicycle Ride<>Paulinho Garcia/Jazzmineiro
Like A Lover<>Al Jarreau/Symphonic Bossa Nova
Special Announcement

Set 2: Brazil Back2Back: ‘Love Dance’
Love Dance<>Vanessa Williams/A Love Affair
Love Dance<>Mike Metheny/Street of Dreams
Introduce Next Song
Beyond Paradise<>Torcuato Mariano & Toni Scruggs/Escola Brasileira
Northern Lights<> Roy Stephansen/single
When I Fell In Love<>Sergio Mendes, Gracinha Leporace/Magic

Set 3:
Varadero<>Joao Bosco/Joao Bosco
Heartbreak<>John Klemmer/Brazilia

~ ~ ~

Next Week: The days are getting longer, and so is the music: It’s the Winter edition of ‘Long Songs’ to help fill up your long chilly nights!  Be sure to listen and you’re invited to make a request or drop a note in the Chat Box on our Lounge page, too!

I hope you’ll enjoy the show and please – tell a few friends about us on 90.9 FM WDCB in Chicago and wdcb.org, 2 pm CT every Sunday.

Whether it’s your radio, your computer at work or your tablet or smart phone, thanks for tuning in! It’s always great to share the music.

Rhythm and Romance: A Brazilian Valentine