Roberto Menescal’s Salad Dressing

Credit: Washington Possato

Rio’s Bossa Nova legend was in front of the cameras over the weekend, at Village Porto de Galinhas just south of far northeastermn city of Pernambuco. Menescal writes: “The life of an artist is not easy, imagine, I’m posing for photos and recording a video teaching the recipe from my salad dressing.” But not just any recipe; It’s Roberto Menescal’s salad dressing.

Menescal was presented as a Special Awards honoree at the 2013 Latin Grammy Awards in Las Vegas. The program included this thumbnail of his accomplishments:

“With a career spanning more than 50 years as a composer, producer, guitarist, and vocalist, Roberto Menescal is considered one of the founders of bossa nova. Born in Brazil and beginning his professional career at age 20, Menescal’s creative songwriting and rhythmic use of the guitar has led him to create some of the country’s most beloved and classic songs, including “O Barquinho,” “Você,” “Nós E O Mar,” “Bye Bye Brasil,” and “Rio,” among others. Aside from forming the basis for the bossa nova sound, Menescal has performed in a variety of Latin music mediums, including Brazilian pop and samba. He has composed two soundtracks for film and four biographical books have been written about his life’s work and contributions. He continues to perform internationally, record music and participate in workshop programs throughout Brazil.”

We couldn’t have said it better. As for Roberto Menescal’s salad dressing? We’re on it! Watch for the recipe soon.