Silver Screen Sambas on The Sunday Brazilian Brunch

Silver Screen Sambas on The Sunday Brazilian Brunch at

Silver Screen Sambas! Let’s countdown the hours to the Academy Awards with a red carpet welcome for our favorite Brazilian movie themes.

Brazil – especially Rio de Janeiro – has long been a favorite for movie makers and actors alike: from James Bond to Dominic Toretto, from Demi Moore to Carmen Miranda. Even The Incredible Hulk. Wikipedia lists nearly a hundred films set in the land of Samba and Sun.

From The Twilight Saga to Fletch, it seems that just about every other movie plot leads to Rio de Janeiro.

That’s understandable: Rio is a great destination no matter the circumstance. Widen that vision to include the rest of the country and it’s easy to see that Brazil’s bigger-than-life reputation can easily accommodate everyone and everything from Demi Moore to James Bond, from high-speed bank vault heists to killer piranhas in the Amazon.

And that makes Brazil perfect for great movie soundtracks.

Bossa Nova’s siren call; the earthy elements of Samba or the contrast of driving percussion against the acoustic echo of a softly strummed guitar are all that are needed to fill this week’s sound stage for ‘Brazil Goes To The Movies’ and it’s been a lot of fun researching the songs for this show.

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Our Sunday show is also a preview of coming attractions for this week’s ‘Brazil Goes To The Movies’ special on The Sounds of Brazil’s weekly radio and streaming radio program. So B.Y.O.P.C. and I’ll supply the music! See below for show times.

See you Sunday!
– Scott Adams

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Join us on The Sunday Brazilian Brunch for ‘Silver Screen Sambas’. Here’s a (groovy) taste!