The NEW Some Things Never Change


It’s the first day of summer and it’s also launch day for the NEW began life as a simple six-page website in 1996 to enhance The Sounds of Brazil radio program here in Chicago.

Back then, the big attraction on the home page was a pair of dancing palm trees. Over the next dozen years, would grow to become a leading destination for the latest news on Brazilian music, plus interesting ‘crossover’ stories about the country and its culture.

Here’s what looked like back in the early days, courtesy of the Wayback Machine. And here’s what our site looked like a decade later. And a decade after that, just as we were starting to introduce fans to and its community-based direcotry.

This is what looked like when it debuted in 2010.

Times change, and is now

But not everything is new.

I’ve made sure that retains its traditions of relatability and great storytelling, and it keeps the its lifestyle focus, too: Music, travel, friends and fun.

It’s a focus that will carry over to our expanded Connectbrazil Directory, too. Watch for it in early 2019.

Connectbrazil adds a growing network of streaming channels, The Sounds of Brazil’s ‘always live’ streaming station, our award-winning syndicated weekly radio show plus tips and trends to help you add a little more of Brazil to your life whenever you want to.

Today looks handsome on your desktop, TV, tablet or smart phone. It’s ready for whatever comes next, just as we always have been.

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The summer of 2018 also marked Bossa Nova’s 60 birthday and we spent 10 weeks indulging ourselves with the stories, legends and unlikely heroes that helped to created Brazil’s signature style for the rest of the world to enjoy.

Even as I write these words today, a top producer in Italy is preparing to send us a brace of new Bossa Nova tunes to add to The Sounds of Brazil’s playlist in the weeks and months ahead. Sounds exciting!

Some things never change. Welcome to the new

Scott Adams