The Waters of March on The Sunday Brazilian Brunch

The Waters of March on The Sunday Brazilian Brunch on The Sounds of brazil at

A table for two with an ocean view is the perfect setting for The Sunday Brazilian Brunch. That’s the Waters of March we love best!

It’s winter’s final Sunday.

It’s also Elis Regina’s birthday. She would been turned 74 today. You can read her life story here.

You might think that it’s an easy task to put together a Sunday Brazilian Brunch show around Brazil’s 2nd all-time most favorite song. Turns out, that’s not the case.

Because ‘The Waters of March’ (Águas de Março) – from its tone poem lyrics to its portrayal of life’s challenges and rewards – has become a fixture of modern song, recorded in dozens of languages worldwide from the famous (Elis & Tom) to the decidedly inglorious (Trio Mocoto).

And like the rain itself, the song’s repetitive, descending-note pattern usually leaves little room for interpretation. Usually singers play it safe, looking for nuance in the lyrics.

Do you know the real story behind The Waters of March? Get it here.

I’ve decided to go a different direction for this week’s show. I’ve selected a half dozen versions of this Antonio Carlos Jobim classic that strike a creative chord, each in their own way.

So relax and revive with us on Sunday, and drop a quick ‘hello’ in the Chat Box

See you Sunday!
– Scott Adams


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His only Midwest concert! Caetano Veloso & Sons in Chicago, April 9th, 2019. Click for tickets.
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Join us this Sunday for The Waters of March. Here’s a taste!