Ziggy Blue Featuring Natalis – Best of Brazil 2019

Bossa Nova has always been about reinvention, and that’s especailly true for Ziggy Blue Featuring Natalis.

Back in the day, the two factions of college students that started the Bossa Nova movement in Rio de Janeiro couldn’t even agree on what kind of music it should be, and Bossa Nova didn’t even come by its name until it was a few years old.

Even now musicologists (God bless ‘em) can’t decide whether Bossa Nova is a musical style or a bona fide genre. Whatever.

Enter Ziggy Blue, the Atlanta-based producer whose award-winning projects with hip-hop and house music made him hear something else in Bossa Nova.  Something that wasn’t there.

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So, he partnered up with songwriter Fernanda Noronha for an original tune with a irresistible hook, tapped multi-platinum recording artist, Natalis for the studio and proceeded to create his hybrid Bossa sound for ‘O Que Faltou’.

It’s a song of love and longing that only Rio’s tapestry of nature could inspire.

‘O Que Faltou’ with Ziggy Blue Featuring Natalis makes it to the Best of Brazilian Music Showcase because of its smooth style and evocative sound.  But also, how the producer reimagined the best traditions of Bossa Nova to give us a fresh taste of what’s to come.


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