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Connect Brazil is the leading lifestyle brand for all things Brazilian. Our expertly crafted stories, streaming music channels and powerful business and event directory inspire happy people everywhere to add a little more Brazil to their lives whenever they want.

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For more than three decades, Connect Brazil has raised the standard for bringing the best of Brazil to life with inspired storytelling that goes beyond the obvious and the ordinary.

Building relationships by telling great stories. Nurturing curiosity.

Connect Brazil is a leading lifestyle choice for people who include businessess like yours in their daily lives. Hundreds of award-winning reviews, feature stories and directory showcases deliver expert recommendations on music, travel, friends and fun.

First to stream Brazilian music worldwide with Yahoo Radio in 1999, Connect Brazil’s streaming music network delivers quality music programming with a level of innovation and expertise that’s simply unique.

Sergio Mendes says, “Connect Brazil does the best job of translating Brazil for the American ear”. When it comes to entertaining, advising and influencing America, Connect Brazil speaks your language.

What are your goals? Connect Brazil has been inspiring passion for Brazil, its people and its culture since 1987 with the experience and insight that can make an outstanding difference.

Connect Brazil is a three-time recipient of the prestigious FOCUS BRASIL (Brazilian International Press) award for excellence in cultural marketing and promotion.

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Connect Brazil's business and events Directory includes Yelp and Google Maps integration for powerful organic SEO and SERP.

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Music! Connect Brazil has helped Grammy winners, Indie artists, labels and tour promoters reach their goals. We can do the same for you.

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