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Sunday Hello!

A few weeks ago I featured sax great Stan Getz and his love affair with Bossa Nova. The success of his ’Getz/Gilberto’ album ushered in a wave of Brazilian musicians who called the United States home. Some stayed only briefly, others for quite a while. And some – like Oscar Castro-Neves – became citizens.

Today’s wave of Brazilian-American musicians carries a fresh, contemporary sound and a variety of styles, and one of these rising stars has a birthday this weekend. So, it’s a musical celebration for Sacramento vocalist Fabiana Passoni for The Sunday Brazilian Brunch. I did this last year, too, when she sent me this note:

A special hello and ‘tudo bem’ to everyone here today for The Sunday Brazilian Brunch show. And thank you Scott for the opportunity to share some of my music with your listeners on my birthday. I hope everyone enjoys today’s playlist. So sit back, relax and listen to The Sounds of Brazil including me . . . . Fabiana Passoni.”

Back then, It was a memorable year for Fabiana, one whcih saw her release her very first song with her own original English lyrics and experience an eight-day sojourn along the beautiful and spiritually historic Camino de Santiago. If you’re not famiiar, consider taking a look at this.


Brazilian jazz star Eliane Elias - One Night Only  - November 13th, 208 at City Winery Chicago.


Eliane Elias at City Winery Chicago

You’re sure to enjoy this week’s show: I’ll include Basia’s new song ‘Matteo’ in our first hour and I’ll update the latest news on the next big Brazilian concert tour headed for Chicago , with a few songs from Brazilian jazz star Eliane Elias, who’ll kick off her 2018-19 US Concert Tour at City Winery Chicago on Tuesday, November 13th. One night, one show only, so click here for reservations.

I’ll be there as MC, so I hope to see you there!

So relax with us on Sunday, and drop a quick ‘hello’ in the Chat Box on our Lounge page!

Happy Listening,

Scott Adams


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