Live In Rio Giveaway

Live In Rio Giveaway! Here’s your opportunity to win a special CD copy of Ricardo Bacelar’s new album.

Already a top contender as one of the best Brazilian Jazz recodings of the year, the popular pianist from Fortaleza has personaly signed these CDs for an exclusive number of fans here in the USA.

Congratulations to our Winners:

  • Thomas Harvey
  • Barbara Kerans
  • Sybil Ramsey
  • Jim Moreno
  • Jenny Hatke

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How to enter Ricardo Bacelar’s Live In Rio Giveaway

Win one of five autographed copies of Ricardo Bacelar’s new Brazilian Jazz CD, Live In Rio (Ao Vivo No Rio), recorded at the Blue Note Jazz Club, Rio de Janeiro.

Be sure to:

  1. Click here to open the Contact form page.
  2. Complete all fields on the form
  3. Include the phrase ‘LIVE IN RIO’ in your message.
  4. Look below the ‘message’ field. Check the box reading “Yes! Enter me in the Connect Brazil Giveaway!”
  5. Type the reCAPTCHA code before sending.

This Connect Brazil Giveaway is available to USA addresses only. Valid contact information only. All enteries are subject to our termsWinners will be announced on this page on October 17th and will also be contacted by the artist via email.

Ricardo Bacelar on The Sounds of Brazil this week! Click to listen.

Enter Ricardo Bacelar’s Live In Rio Giveaway

Fond memories of Rio

What inspired this Live In Rio giveaway?

Leaving his hometown of Fortaleza for Rio de Janeiro made an indelible impression on the young pianist. In our 10 Questions With Ricardo Bacelar interview we asked him about those heady times:

“It was when I went to live in Rio de Janeiro in 1988,” he recalled. “When I moved there, Rio was already the heart of Brazilian music. There was so much going on, because all the record companies and television networks were there, and all the multinationals had offices there. Nowadays, São Paulo has captured some of that energy but at that time, it was all Rio de Janerio.”

Bacelar continued: “So, I started meeting a lot of people, working professionally even more often. I even had a record label there, launching Brazilian music titles. Rio gave me opportunities to play and perform with so many talented musicians, and it’s a place where there are many styles, influences and international shows that you end up expanding your circle of friends a lot and working even more. So many early opportunities and growth came from my move to Rio.”


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Enter Ricardo Bacelar’s Live In Rio Giveaway