The Jobim Forever Giveaway

The Connect Brazil Giveaway: Here’s your opportunity to win a copy of Antonio Adolfo’s new album.

The Jobim Forever Giveaway! Already a top contender as one of the best Brazilian Jazz recordings of the year, each winner’s CD package will include a personalized note of appreciation for an exclusive number of fans.

Brazilian jazz pianist Antonio Adolfo with five recent albums.
Antonio Adolfo is a Latin Grammy nominee for ‘Best Latin Jazz /Jazz Album’.

Breaking news!

Antonio Adolfo has been nominated for the Latin Grammy award for ‘Best Latin Jazz/Jazz Album’.

Inspired by a song he heard on the radio, Jobim Forever is a personal tribute to the Brazilian legend who inspired Adolfo’s own career in Brazilian jazz. Don’t let Jobim Forever pass you by. You’ll be rewarded with one of the most thoughtful and compelling Brazilian jazz albums of its kind.


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How to enter The Jobim Forever Giveaway

Win one of seven copies of Antonio Adolfo’s new Brazilian jazz CD, Jobim Forever, recorded in the city of his birth, Rio de Janeiro.

  • Complete all fields on the form and be sure to include the phrase ‘JOBIM FOREVER’ in your message. You need only enter once.

  • Rules:

    This Connect Brazil Giveaway is available to USA addresses only. Valid contact information only. All entries are subject to our contest terms.

    Winners will be announced on this page on November 13th and will also be contacted by the artist via email.

    Enter Antonio Adolfo’s Jobim Forever Giveaway

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