The Legacy of Joao Gilberto

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The Legacy of Joao Gilberto

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The Sounds of Brazil is one of 13 streaming music channels at


The Sounds of Brazil is one of 13 streaming music channels at

Hello again. Let’s begin with a few questions.

Who created rock and roll? Which musician gave birth to jazz? Who was first to sing the blues? When it comes to Bossa Nova, pulling its musical thread is much easier. It can be traced to one man, one voice, one guitar.

Back when I was writing the Brazilian music column for Jazziz magazine, I once observed that Bossa Nova legend João Gilberto “has a voice that can whisper through walls.” Another legend, trumpeter Miles Davis put it another way: “He could read a newspaper and sound good.”

João Gilberto will always be ‘The Father of Bossa Nova’ and dad to Bebel, João Marcelo and Luisa Carolina. He was a husband to Astrud and Miucha and his music has seeded generations of musicians worldwide.

In fact, without João Gilberto, it’s quite possible that the relationship we have with Brazilian music simply would not exist. Those aren’t my words; that thought comes from Caetano Veloso.

João Gilberto’s voice is weightless, its depth infinite; it is haunting, haunted, insular. He hears things we do not. Not only things outside our awareness; but the possibility of sounds we cannot imagine. And he teaches us the sound of stillness.

So this week, let’s let the music retell the story of the legacy of João Gilberto on The Sounds of Brazil.

Happy Listening,

Scott Adams

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Cozy up with this one: Settllng in with a good book is one of the joys of summer. Want to experience the stories and people surrounding the birth of Bossa Nova in Rio de Janeiro?  Bossa Nova’s most important book makes a great impression: it’s almost like being there!

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The Legacy of Joao Gilberto

Hour 1:
Set 1: The Sounds of Brazil Opening Theme
Third Time Lucky<>Basia/Basia on Broadway
Super Ambient<>Bossacucanova/Ipanema Lounge V.1
Fly Me To The Moon<>Julie London/Ultra Lounge #14
Welcome to the Lounge            
Doralice<>J. Gilberto & S. Getz/Bossa Years
Special Announcement
Long Time Coming<>Bill Cunliffe/Bill In Brazil

Set 2:
Introduce Our Next Set
Summer Samba (So Nice)<>Astrud Gilberto/Album
Pepe<>Ricardo Silveira/Small World
Introduce Next Set                           
Guarapiranga<>Toco/Outro Lugar
Mainstream<>Soulstance/Truth Simplicity & Love
Like A Prayer<>Danni Carlos/Danni

Set 3: Introduce This Week’s Spotlight Song
Deixa<>Bebel Gilberto/Agora
Emerald Bay<>Marcos Ariel/Wave Hunter
On The Beach<>Luca Giacco w/Groove da Praia/Reminiscences

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The Legacy of Joao Gilberto

Hour 2:
Set 1:
Momento<>Bebel Gilberto/Momento
Welcome To Our Second Hour
Samba Da Minha Terra<>Joao Gilberto/Legendary Joao Gilberto
Easy Ridin’<>Leo Gandelman/Western World
Os Grillos<>Marcela Mangabeira/Simples
Special Announcement
Lamento<>Christian McBride & Ernie Watts/Twist of Jobim

Set 2:
Introduce Next Set
Saudosismo<>Miucha/Saude Brasil
Ocean Way<>Torcuato Mariano/Last Look
Introduce Next Song
Tout Est Bleu<>Bebel Gilberto/Tudo
Meu Pais (My Country)<>Luiz Avelar/Homenagem a Ivan Lins
Color of the Watercolor<>R. Folegatti/Watercolors

Set 3:
Who Needs Forever?<>Astrud Gilberto w/Thievery Corp.
Tema de La Onde<>Nicola Conte/Café Roma Vol. 2

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Next Week: It’s two hours of ‘Old School Bossa Nova’ to kcik off September’s ‘BossaNovaville’ theme, which coincidentally happens to be the name of our popular streaming channel. Always Free. Listen to it here.

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The Legacy of Joao Gilberto